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 I hope to empower you to find and develop your own strengths to address life’s challenges. My aim is to be gentle yet hold you accountable towards your own goals. I lean towards the natural flow of organic conversation, I do not follow a "checklist" as I do not believe that healing is always linear. I will gently challenge you when needed, but also provide emotional safety.  I believe people do not need to be “fixed” but need compassion and empathy to channel their own resources. 

Each person has their own context and story. Growing up in a multicultural household, I often felt caught between 2 worlds. This experience has made me strive to look beyond labels. I will try my best to not “box” you or give a one a “one size fits all” approach to your therapy. As we learn to work together, I do my best to learn how to walk with you. I am always open to feedback in ways which you feel I can support you better. 

Why Rejoin?

The name Rejoin, was inspired by the art and practice of Kintsugi.  Kintsugi, literally translates to "golden joinery" in Japanese, this practice refers to rejoining broken pieces of pottery with lacquered gold.


Rather than concealing these cracks, these imperfections are regarded as contributing to the story and overall uniqueness of each piece. Each crack is highlighted and celebrates resiliency.

In todays society, there is a lot of pressure to appear perfect, confident and successful.  We may try to hide our insecurities and may even have moments we feel "broken"; rather than focus on the "breaks" lets start to focus on the moments we reconnect.

what if the very things you are trying to hide are your greatest strengths?

Online Therapy

 I am currently only offering telehealth services. Not only does this increase accessibility, but this also means added convenience. Now you don't need to factor in travel times and have extra time for things that matter most. 

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