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Therapy is an investment into yourself to improve your own circumstances. By beginning work with me, you are committing to weekly work as well as committing to improving your life. I also commit to investing in our work together. 

How much do sessions cost?

Individual counseling (50 minutes)- $175

Couples Counseling (50 minutes)- $210


Do you take insurance?

Currently I do not accept insurance however, you may be eligible to use your benefits. Ultimately, I believe that care duration should be determined by the client and not by an insurance company. I am an out of network provider. I am able to submit a monthly superbill which you can submit as claim to your insurance company for reimbursment. I encourage your to find out your eleigbility of benefits before we begin our work together. I can not guarantee your elegibility for reimbursment from your insurance company. 

What should I ask my insurance company?

Here are some helpful questions to ask to help you get started:

What are my mental health benefits? (specifically, outpatient behavioral/mental health)
How much is my deductible?
How many outpatient mental health sessions per year does my plan cover?
How much does my plan cover for out-of-network, outpatient mental health care?

my license number is: MG 60970222
my NPI number is 1710452024.

What is your cancellation policy?

I have a no-cancellation policy for individual and couples sessions. I also refer to this as my commitment policy.  


For sessions, you can make up for cancelled appointments the week before, during, or the week after the date of your cancellation.  I provide one annual freebie a year that you can choose to use how you wish. 

I will make every effort to find a time for you to reschedule 

What is your availablity?

I am currently available Monday through Thursdays 12-5pm (last session 4pm)

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