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Hi, I'm Misty

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and I would love to help

As a mixed-race woman (Japanese-American), recovering perfectionist, and new mom, I know how overwhelming life can be. I also know what living at the intersection of different worlds feels like.  I get energized when I work with other mixed-race women who want to feel more secure in themselves and want to feel empowered.

Why I do this work


Growing up, I felt an internal low-level anxiety and desire to belong that I couldn't name. Whenever discussions of race came up, I would feel a strange wave of imposture syndrome.  

This baseline anxiety and self-doubt contributed to finding validation in hard work and people-pleasing tendencies. As time passed, the feelings of insecurity never quite went away.  After much personal work, I uncovered that the secret to feeling belonging in the world was having a secure relationship with myself.


Now I can confidently own all parts of me. I state my needs, own my wants, and determine what "good enough" is for me. That is the change I hope to encourage for my clients.

If any of this resonates with you, I'd love to chat.

I'm here to help you

claim the life you want

Together, let's address what's holding you back

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You might be a Highly Sensitve Person if...

  • You frequently feel overwhelmed and overstimluated

  • You experience the world intensely and feel emotions deeply

  • You are sensitive to the emotional temperature in the room

  • You are easily affected by loud noises and bright lights/smells/crowds

  • You feel drained after social engagements

  • You need large amounts of solitary recharge time

  • You tend to be overly ciritcal of yourself 

  • You prefer time alone or VERY select people to large groups

  • Have trouble turning off

  • Prefer controlled environments

  • Get stressed easily when plans change

  • You feel emotionally exhausted all the time. 

If any of this sounds like you, please reach out. I love working with people like you!

"Self care also means taking care of your future"

Areas of Special Interest

Low self-esteem
Racial/Cultural identity
Couples Therapy
Adult Children of Immigrants

More about me...

I'm a millenial mom doing her best

I'm a Starbucks addict and foodie. I check out the newest bakeries and cafes whenever I can.


My favorite way to decompress is baking.  

I'm currently busy with my little family, but I plan to get back into hiking and start and finish a new anime series. 

Are We a Good Fit?

Let's work together!

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